Specialists in non-contact measurement instrumentation

Experts in high temperature industrial applications:

Iron & Steel Manufacture
Glass Manufacture
Hydrogen Reforming & Combustion
Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing

Who we are

PyrOptik offers expert measurement application consultancy, system design and supply to customer specification.

Started as a spin-out from The University of Sheffield, System Sensors Research Group with 60+ combined years of application knowledge, PyrOptik has a strong measurement research ethic and a passion for measurement accuracy.

Following Lord Kelvin’s famous quote “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it” our belief is “If you can not measure it accurately, you can not optimise it”.

We do this by developing novel opto-electronic metrology solutions that survive in the harshest of applications from our team of design engineers which include optics, electronics, mechanics, software and metrology analysis specialists.

What we do

Our main areas of expertise in non-contact measurement and relevant applications are listed below. Please contact us for any more details or any other application not listed where you require accurate non-contact measurement for a discussion.

  • Primary syngas reformer tube wall temperature measurement
  • Ethylene cracker temperature measurement
High Speed, High Resolution, High Accuracy, Thermal Imaging
  • Tuyere imaging and RAFT measurement
  • Power bed fusion 3D printing in-line thermal imaging
  • Real-time TIG weld pool thermal imaging
  • Desulfurization in steel
High Speed, High Accuracy Fibre Optic Pyrometry
  • Multi-wavelength detection offerings
  • Glass forehearth and throat pyrometers
  • Explosion measurement pyrometry
  • Turbine blade pyrometry
  • Radiometric emissivity determination at temperatures up to 1200˚C
  • Controlled ambient (non-oxidising environments)
  • Multi-wavelength measurements
  • Hemispherical emissivity determination
Optical Sizing
  • Sinter belt in-line sizing
  • Rock crushing in-line sizing
Hyper & Multi Spectral Measurements
  • Hydrogen flame profiling
  • Powder bed fusion 3D printing in-line measurement system
Asset Monitoring
  • Blast stove shell monitoring
  • Torpedo car refractory monitoring
  • Blast stove internal inspection cameras
  • Coke oven inspection systems

Continuous Sinter Sizing & Colour Analysis

PyrOptik’s novel approach to continuous sinter sizing employs the “flotation” or “Brazil-Nut Effect” of rocks on conveyor belts to accurately determine differing size fractions of material on the conveyor whilst in motion.

This new approach improves measurement accuracy of the size fractions, removes the need for manual or semi-mechanical sampling, reducing cost and providing real-time process control data.

Alongside the size measurement the system monitors the sinter colour, providing another critical control measure, with the sinter colour directly related to the strand operational performance.

The new system can be readily deployed for sinter sizing and colour monitoring applications. It can also be deployed for limestone and other aggregates crushing size monitoring and material classification and colour grading.

Powder Bed Fusion / Electron Beam Melting High Speed Thermal Imaging

The thermal profile of fused structures created in powder bed fusion processes either from electron beam or laser beam melting are critical to the integrity of the printed structures. Current thermal control typically utilises an average thermal reading from the whole powder bed during printing.

With the ability to measure radiated emissivity utilising either or both a horizontal furnace or multi-angle emissivity cup method allows for angular emissivity comparisons.

Utilising high speed, high accuracy short wavelength thermal imaging allows in-line real-time tracking of the prints unique thermal properties.

This improves print repeatability and reliability over the print run and between prints over different time periods, ensuring optimum product quality and consistency are maintained.

Radiated Emissivity Determination

PyrOptik offer room temperature to 1200˚C emissivity determination at wavelengths from 1μm to 7μm. This allows our customers to mimic the actual measurement conditions to determine the correct emissivity for their particular application and improve measurement accuracy.

With the ability to measure radiated emissivity utilising either or both a horizontal furnace or multi-angle emissivity cup method allows for angular emissivity comparisons.

The combination of varying temperature, wavelength and angle comparison allows the full hemispherical emissivity determination for heat transfer calculations.

Radiated emissivity determination is also available in both naturally oxidising environments or under nitrogen ambient.